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Agriculture is challenged by ever increasing population, which is projected to reach 9 billion by 2050. To feed this growing population, our farmers have to increase the agricultural yields by 70 to 100%. Increasing yields by doubling the fertilizers, pesticides and water may not be the answer to this problem. By doing so, we might lose our productive lands faster with huge economic implications and further damage our water bodies, air and health.

Bio Pesticide can give apt solution to this problem! Bio Pesticides are intimate partners in virtually every life process. It is now that we have realized their enormous potential, which needs to be explored together with precision farming. They will help us achieve the ambitious goal of doubling agricultural yields in a sustainable manner.

We are one of the leading names in the industry for the manufacturing and supplying of the best quality range of biopesticides, bioinsecticides and organic products. These biopesticides can be applied widely for the crops in large areas and this also promotes their growth tremendously. Premium quality ingredients are used for processing and the products are manufactured with strict adherence to high quality standards. Our eco-friendly, non-toxic and easily degradable biopesticides are most sought after by the farmers.

Farming the most challenging of all business. With an uncertain weather conditions, increase in pest resistance accompanied by fluctuating commodity price, pushes farmers to the extreme. Whole world depends on their produce for our basic necessity with their hard work and we at Kingston understand the importance of their contribution and the sustainability of the farmland, we focus and stress on a diligent use of the chemicals by innovating new formulations with high efficiency and care for the environment.

We believe in the basic concept that all innovative ideas evolve around the farming community and developed based on the necessity and we understood this well. Our best minds in the field bring the basic raw ideas from the farm, take these concepts and collaborate with the best labs around the world improving the technology, efficiency and feasibility to these ideas. This makes our product the best fit for them in terms of acceptability, efficiency and economics when it goes the to the field. We work with farmers in understanding their problems which are economically feasible and our focus remains in increasing profitability along the value chain by providing the best possible solutions.

Our research also focus on innovative bio and organic products, which have tremendous potential and impact on crops in specialty areas of boosting plant defense mechanism, organic farming etc. Focusing on niche areas of organic postharvest products which is much needed in this era of high usage of pesticides.

We take our reputation and with a vision of serving the farming community, consumers and public with innovative cost effective sustainable products for the environment by continuously delivering innovative formulations and better solutions ahead of the market place.

The Company is managed by a good blend of both experienced and young team. The founding promoters, Mr. Venugopal Reddy oversee the whole operations as the Chairman. and have been involved with the Company since inception (for more than 10 years). They are ably supported by team of young professionals.

The target customers of Kingston Crop Sciences are farmers, planters and pest control operators. Growth drivers would be the potential to intensify the marketing network and reach the country's interiors, increased farm income due to increase in MSP, increased awareness in rural India about usage and cost-benefit tradeoff of bio pesticides, edge over the competitors in the diverse product range and widespread market reach, increased customer base, innovative marketing strategies and technical tie-ups. The Company keeps adding new products every year and entering into new technical collaborations.

Kingston Crop Sciences has an aggressive marketing strategy with a sales team of more than 100 full time employees and more than 250 Kingston Crop Sciences Field Assistants. For getting best results, it is very important to have knowledge about using the right product in right quantity at the right time. For this, the Company conducts training programs for farmers by giving product demonstrations, providing technical advice on right use of products and about specific crop related problems at their door-step through Kingston Crop Sciences Field Staffs. Kingston Crop Sciences has 10 top class brands and keeps adding new brands every year. The Company has a wide range of Bio pesticides to protect from most of the pests, insects, diseases that affect crops and these products are used in all major crops produced in our country.

Research & Development

Research & Development

Kingston Crop Sciences, considering the imperative role of research and development for quality products and services, from the very beginning took the initiative for strong R&D. It has the necessary infrastructure to address issues of market forecast, assessment of pesticides requirement in an environment of ever changing farming practices and agri-inputs, product identification, on-farm product evaluation, creating awareness amongst farmers on judicious use of pesticides, providing services for registration & product development on project basis, etc.

Our Products

Our Products

Weed is a plant considered undesirable, unattractive or troublesome, especially are growing where it is not wanted. These unwanted plants grow in the fields where they compete with the crop for water, soil nutrients, light and space, interfere with irrigation and harvesting operations and finally reduce the crop yields. Weeds also cause several diseases in human beings and animals. They also harbour insect pests and diseases.

Technologies & Partnering

Technologies & Partnering

Our products are produced with the latest technology. The methods that we employ to produce are cutting edge. We acquire new intellectual property and resources through partnering with strong and ethical partners.


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