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In Kingston Crop, we believe in a great thought – "Unless you have 100% Customer Satisfaction …..You must improve "for that reason since 2001, when our first batch was out for sale we are continuously improving the quality of our product as well as the post sales services to our end users. We are working with latest technology to provide the farmers the latest studied formulations of agri-inputs; also we are providing them the vast range of the Products for Organic Farming.

We really want to hear from our customers, what they think about our Products and also about their requirements for that reason there is a customer care number and email ID is printed on the label of each product of the company so that our end user can reach to us easily. Also people can reach to us and also can share their suggestions and complaints by filling the form available in the contact us section of this website.


S557 3rd Floor, Office No.-7 School

BLK Sakkarpur, Heera Complex,

Opp. Baba Palace, New Delhi (East)

Phone : +91 9981532532

E-mail : kingstoncropsciences@gmail.com

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